About a month ago Carlos was on the way south towards Mauritius and Reunion Island, but didn’t really form and stayed a tropical storm – it also stayed far enough away from us to really bother us. Kiddos did have a couple of days off school though. We have cyclone alerts emitted by the Mauritius Meteorological Services – the alerts go from 1 to 4 all depending on the strength of the winds expected on the island. Cyclone Warning 1 is a pre alert, Warning 2 means that schools are closing, Warning 3 that the road are closed except for emergency vehicles. The 4th and last warning means that winds over 212km/hours are expected and everyone should stay inside. Warning 3 and 4 basically put the country to a standstill.

So after Carlos, we have been looking at Enawo.


source: Meteo France

The predictions are now clearer and as everyone can see the probability is that it is going to hit Madagascar on the east coast. You can see below the predicted track of Enawo, it is expected to change to a tropical cyclone on the 6th in the morning, so 2 days from now. That is when the eye of the cyclone has formed.



source: Mauritius Meteorological Services

There are several Facebook pages keeping us informed of the involvements: Storm Tracking (is a closed group) or Mauritius Cyclone Updates. We also follow Météo France Réunion.

This season has been quiet on the cyclone front. Letter E means that it is only the 5th tropical storm since the beginning of the season – 2 transformed into cyclones, the 3rd one will be Enawo. On average there are 10 storms and the high of the cyclone season is between December and March.

I have never been in Mauritius during a cyclone, the bigger ones that hit the island were all several years ago and everybody is expecting one to arrive. The last really big one that affected Mauritius was Daniella in December 1994. You can have a look at the historic of Cyclones here.

All we get now is a rainy and very humid week. Let’s hope the sun comes back soon!

Posted by Julz

Hi! Hope you are enjoying my travel blog about Mauritius! I am a Danish Expat, mum of 2. Currently we live in Mauritius and we absolutely love it. I am taking you around this beautiful island and also other travels we enjoy!

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