I have prayed for them all. Those everybody prayed for #Paris, #Nice (these 2 were close to me as I lived in both cities), #Berlin and #Brussels. I have also prayed for all the others #Istanbul, #Ankara, #Aleppo and #Syria in general. For #Irak or for #Afghanistan, for #Mali and #Nigeria. There was also a #prayforbangkok and a #prayforkarak (that’s in Jordan, I also lived there). All good of course, for our conscience – you know to feel better about ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to see the world (at least occidental world) coming together and ‘not being afraid’ or ‘showing that we are united against terror’. Well of course we are. And of course life will go on, because life always goes on. Today you loose someone close, tomorrow people will remember, but in a week everybody are back to their daily lives.

Am truly sadden by what happened today, I cried when the Bataclan was hit and when I saw Nice my heart ached and I cried, again. But you and me know it’s not enough. We both know that our politicians are not doing enough to stop the bleeding. A few million dollars here or there are not going to change a thing. Quite the contrary.

All this BS politics, this naming and shaming – this finger pointing and putting people up against one another. It’s all none sense. We both know it. They all know it.

Because when I pray, I want to pray also for the attackers – I want to know where all this hate and anger come from. Because all this has to be a misunderstanding. Surely. Call me naive, if you want. But these people are living in fear and misinformation. It creates more fear, more hate, more misunderstandings. It brings more tears, more heartache, more hashtags.

I will pray for the wounded and the persons who lost their lives. I will also pray for peace and love and education. Because I believe that it is all down to that, education. And love.

Tomorrow the sun shall rise. And the praying will stop. And then what? We wait for the next attack to pray some more. Praying is not enough. Writing this post neither for that matter.

#prayforlondon #prayfortheworld #prayforpeace

Posted by Julz

Hi! Hope you are enjoying my travel blog about Mauritius! I am a Danish Expat, mum of 2. Currently we live in Mauritius and we absolutely love it. I am taking you around this beautiful island and also other travels we enjoy!

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