Week 14 (start 3rd April)


Well this is actually old news (all the way from Sunday!) but there is nothing I like in today’s news and this is important: Water shortage. Obviously when you visit the island as a tourist you wouldn’t realise, but it is actually quite bad (or so the Mauritians like to think – they like to moan quite a bit when they don’t have water). If you take our little house in Grand Baie, for example. We have water problems as everybody in the north and sometimes there can be no water for days, sometimes they might only open the water for a few hours during the day. The article in the paper Week-end (a Sunday paper) compares Mauritius to the little tiny sister island 45 mins flight away, Rodrigues. Well, in Rodrigues when there is water shortage (which is all the time), they only open for the water a few hours per month! Yes, you read correctly: A FEW HOURS PER MONTH. And funny enough, the people from Rodrigues have learned to live with it. The water from the shower is used to flush the toilets with, for example. The water from washing vegetables used to water the flowers with etc. They all have private water tanks in the gardens to collect the rain water and to stop the precious white gold when it finally comes out of the tap. The regional government has pledged to be able to offer water ONCE A WEEK by….2022.


These last couple of weeks the biggest headlines have been about a record drug seizure: first a 135kg of heroin seizure, followed by 2 of 20kg by the same means. The drugs were hidden inside compressors and came by ships from South Africa. There has also been some busts at the airport. All in all in the first trimester of 2017 – drugs to the value of Rs 2.5Milliard have been taken (that is nearly US$ 71 million). It is quite an achievement for the Mauritian customs. Though it is very scary. Where are all these drugs going? I know nothing of the heroin world or how many addicts there would be in Mauritius – but I can hardly think that this was all for the local market. It also makes you wonder who on this island has so much money? It can’t be that many. Anyways, the main suspect has finally been arrested by Interpol in Mozambique and should be send to Mauritius soon. It’s a big bad world out there. There are very few people I don’t have compassion for. Drug smugglers/dealers are one of them. The others are child molesters.

Which brings me to something else. There is a petition going around in Mauritius at the moment for tougher laws against pedophiles. Children are not protected enough. So if you have the time please do sign! Change.org – petition


I put my hands together for the SEDEC – a Catholic education service. They have invited a Belgian sexologist to the island to talk about something extremely taboo here: sexual education for teens. She invites parents to come to conferences and explains in what ways they should talk sex with their kids. How important it is for young teens to have a high self esteem, how important it is to control what they watch on the internet, how crucial it is to have a clear line of communication open with the kids so they come to the parents for answers and not their big brother’s friends… because answers they will find – but it might not be the right ones. I strongly believe that as a parent it is my responsibility to always answer my kids questions. Sometimes I tell them that I have to think about my answer – simply because I don’t know the answer or because it might not be the right time to answer – but I always answer. If a neighbour’s child ask me something I always tell them I’ll talk to the parents before answering. But abortions (still illegal in Mauritius!), sexual transmitted diseases, teen pregnancies, prostitution, rape are all so taboo – it’s scary and the situation is very very shocking. Now, I don’t know what the best way is to sort the problems, but I am sure of 2 things: the parents are not doing their job (and this is not only Mauritius) and the schools are not doing their job (and that is not only Mauritius either).

End of the week

I have to admit that the end of my week was a bit busy!! The kids last day, a lot of driving and just really really tired at the end of the term!

However, there is one awesome thing. Mauritius Telecom has launched 350 hotspot points across the island. These points will be accessible wether you are an MT costumer or not. It’s a huge step for Mauritius, people who could not afford an internet connection will now have access. Also, Mauritius Telecom is in the process of installing fibre and the hotspots will be running on those. You can find the list of the hotspot here:   www.wifimauritius.mu 

That’s it Peops!


Posted by Julz

Hi! Hope you are enjoying my travel blog about Mauritius! I am a Danish Expat, mum of 2. Currently we live in Mauritius and we absolutely love it. I am taking you around this beautiful island and also other travels we enjoy!


  1. That is a crazy water situation!



    1. Yes i know! Small island problems….

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      1. I think we Californians need to stop complaining about our drought! 💦


  2. Living in countries like Mauritius tends to bring you bacj in the ground. In a way its humbling



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