Our last day in Cape Town, it’s amazing how fast it goes. We had plans to rent a car and go for a drive down the coast to Good Hope, but to be honest hubby was knackered from his road trip and I couldn’t be bothered to do the whole driving. So it’s one more reason to go back to South Africa…

After a lazy breakfast we went to the Waterfront for a walk, bit of shopping and some lunch of course. If there is one thing you just do in that country is eat!!! Serious foodporn material.

The first thing I discovered was this little seal platform, where the Cape seals come to hang out…

It is sponsored by Cape Town Aquarium and Spar (a supermarket chain) and promotes a campaign for a South Africa without plastic bags.

The Watershed was probably my favourite place of the whole Waterfront. It is a little shopping mall with local designers, crafts and art. Shops selling ceramics, clothes, piantings… beautiful place to get some pressies for back home.

Don’t tell anybody, but I have a bowl addiction. If I see a nice bowl or a little cute dish I just need to buy it. No exception made in Cape Town. I bought these 2 cute blue dishes.

FullSizeRender 6

It actually really started when we lived in Jordan. There was this awesome shop called Silsal (have a look at their website, it’s great stuff). In the back of the shop they had an reject area – stuff they couldn’t really sell because of small bubbles in the ceramics or a colour problem. They still sold the pieces, but so cheap. I bought this beautiful blue salad bowl and it broke in the shipment on the way to Bali. I was so sad, really. It is always something you really like that breaks! But I still kept it for the 21 months we were there. I just couldn’t throw it out. I eventually did, when I packed again for the next move…. but my heart ached. Here is a link to my old blog, when we used to live in Amman; it’ll take you into the shop! The bowl on picture there, I still have.

The waterfront is a nice place to walk around, but I thought the shopping was really dull – or maybe I just wasn’t in th mood. Hubby said that Jo’burg shopping was so much better. Still waiting for him to take me (hint! hint! – though I seriously doubt he reads this, haha).

If I have an addiction to ceramics, the rest of the family has a Lego addiction – specifically StarWars. One day I’ll have to share some pictures of the collection. Lego in Mauritius is just silly expensive – it’s 2-3 times more expensive than abroad. So wherever we go we bring back for the kids.

After small kids and big kid shopping we had an awesome lunch @ Willoughby & Co. The oysters were beautiful, the sushi so tasty. The noodle soup was great as well.  I’d like to add that they do this scheme where you can add ‘apples’ on your bill to support school kids. 5 Rand an apple is not much and a few more kids will have pens and paper to go to school with.

After some more strolling it was time to start packing and putting the feet up to relax a bit before dinner.

Now dinner was amazing. We ate at Nobu – the famous Japanese restaurant chain. It is located at the One and Only. It was without any doubt the best meal we had in Cape Town and when you compare their prices with the restaurants in London or Dubai, it is such a bargain. The pork dish in particular was amazing, I also loved the salmon tacos.

This is my last post about my short trip to South Africa. You can find a link to all my other posts here.

Posted by Julz

Hi! Hope you are enjoying my travel blog about Mauritius! I am a Danish Expat, mum of 2. Currently we live in Mauritius and we absolutely love it. I am taking you around this beautiful island and also other travels we enjoy!


  1. That adding apples is a fantastic idea. Schools are always need of more supplies. And interesting about the cost of legos. I would offer to buy and ship some to you, but they would surely disappear as soon as my lego-loving boy caught sight of the box. 😉

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    1. haha thanks for the offer! it is not just the lego, but actually all toys – you also have to declare all toys you import (in a shipment). It goes through a special bureau and you have to pay tax on it. even like old stuff… quite something. I really liked the apple idea and kids in a country like South Africa really need it. I was trying to find a link to the program, but funny enough if you type apple program on a Mac – it only talks about Apple… wonder why!!?

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      1. Haha! I can imagine “apple programs” or “apples for schools” would be an issue. 😆 That’s crazy about the toys. Govt gets really creative to raise their funds, I guess!

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      2. Exactly!! I know gorvernments always find sonething. We only have 15% income tax but they get us on lots of small stuff 😂

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    1. I know we were really lucky with the weather. It is a very nice temperature during the day; but at night it becomes much colder. I was surprised really. The wind is a huge factor in Cape Town

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  2. Oh but I loved seeing all those amazing photos and reading about your time there. Loved reading about your like of bowls / me too-but I have a weakness for art big time! Thanks for sharing a slice if your world!!!

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    1. Am starting all about our trip to Reunion Island now 😋

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  3. […] Discover the Victoria and Albert Waterfront – by night and day! Visit the Two-Ocean Aquarium, find the Cape Seal platform, the many shopping places (I love the Watershed – a Market Place with locally designed goods), the museum and getaway for Robben Island, the statues of the 4 Nobel Price winners or take a ride in the Cape Wheel. […]



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