Week 19 (start. May 7)


So much water here in the east. The rain is stopping slowly and we are starting to see the sun again (now and then at least). Here are a couple of pictures of our nearby village and the road I take everyday to go to school.

So much water brings water cuts! The thing is water cuts happen even more now, simply because… there is too much water in the system. The water is full of mud and the water treatment plants cannot cope with the amount of water that needs treatment. So no water is not good, too much water is not good either. One should think that they would know about these things now, but nothing is being done – maybe that is one of the things the PM should look into. He would become extremely popular.


There is bingo night at the kiddos school Friday evening and all parents have been receiving e-mails about the event. In the morning I got one detailing what kind of foods would be available for sale including bbq with chicken. A few hours later came a new email explaining that they had a certain number of inquiries as to where the chicken came from and if it was safe and that after these emails the school had decided to replace the chicken with lamb and fish, but that the chicken sausages were imported, thus they were keeping those on the menu. And I thought… What did I miss? Well here comes the power of social media: this week-end a rumour of salmonella cases was started and apparently spread like wildfire. It wasn’t till I opened the papers later that I understood: the minister of health denied the information, there has been no outbreak.


Private lesons after school is an old tradition in Mauritius. Except they are not really private and are more like an obligation if you want to be able to succeed the end of year exams. Teachers charge a fortune, rent a classroom in the school and do an extra hour to all those who can afford it. Your child doesn’t go, he/she would end up sitting on the last row because the teacher is punishing them (this even of the kid is smart enough and doesn’t need the classes) and the kid would miss out on half of the program, because the teacher simply do not disclose all the information in class… The worse? government doesn’t dare to change te system and the teachers don’t even pay taxes because no one has a clue how much money they actually make. Some teachers are charging up to Rs1000 (US$30) per month – now in developped countries it might not seem a lot, but if the parents have Rs10000 per month and a couple of kids in school, it takes out a big chunk of salary.


As much as I did try, I couldn’t find anything that sparked my interest on thursday… very dull day in the news!


It only took 55 days for Ted Welman et Jack Faulkner, 2 British doctors, to cross the Indian Ocean by rowing the 3600 miles that separate the west coast of Australia to Mauritius. They broke the record and were the 5th pair to have ever completed the crossing! They rowed 24/7 in 2 hour shift with giant waves, cyclone type winds. To get an idea of their achievement the previous record was 84 days. They called their expedition doctors adrift and raised funds for the very well know charity: Doctors without Borders. As a little fun fact: I read somewhere that they had to wait to come on land as they were refused access to Mauritius by Immigration (maybe because it is not the most common way of entering the country!!). – i can’t find the link to the article though, shame.


Posted by Julz

Hi! Hope you are enjoying my travel blog about Mauritius! I am a Danish Expat, mum of 2. Currently we live in Mauritius and we absolutely love it. I am taking you around this beautiful island and also other travels we enjoy!


  1. That’s crazy about the schools there allowing the teachers to do that!



    1. Yep I find it shocking as well, but it is so part of the culture, I think they have no idea how to stop it. but at least these people should be paying their taxes…

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      1. I feel bad for the families unable to pay!!

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      2. It is completely unethical, I agree

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