One of the nice things about living on the east coast, is the easy access to l’Ile aux Cerfs. It is one of these iconic Mauritian places. It is located a 10 minute boat ride from the little coastal village Trou d’Eau Douce.

We usually depart at Pointe Maurice, next to the other very iconic hotel: Le Touessrok.


Hotel view from the boat taking us to l’Ile aux Cerfs

The boat guy had to go to the hotel to pick up some guest, the kiddos were happy for the extra boat ride – even though it was a bit chilly on the little boat. When it is overcast like this, it means that there is wind. I have lived and learned, and I didn’t forget to pack a little wind jacket for the kiddos this time. I remember first time we went last year it was raining and actually quite cold.

The weather cleared quickly up though, and we had beautiful weather once at the beach.


The short boat ride takes you the through the mangroves and is actually very pleasant.

There is a small private beach managed partly by Anahita Four Seasons and partly by the very famous Ile aux Cerfs golf club and that is where we went. It is called Flibustier. There are a couple of other possibilities on the island: One is Masala, an Indian restaurant. The other is called Paul et Virginie.

It is very quiet on that side of the island. The sand is fine and it is just so beautiful.

IMG_7421 2

The food is not bad. It is Four Season prices so well not cheap either. We just had a couple of starters. There are no tables to sit at, only small table with the sun loungers so I went the finger food way with the kids.


All the food is made in these small houses

There are some small islands to climb on and the lagoon is really big, small fishies swimming around. It’s a really nice beaches to hang out on.

After the kids had enjoyed the beach and the ocean, a bit because for them — ahem, spoiled equator kids – the water starts to get a bit cold – we went for a stroll, following the coast. The island is really beautiful and fairly clean. There is a very touristic place, just where you get off the boat at the public beach, but if you walk away from that you a lot of small beaches, with nobody around.

The east coast is the perfect place to pick up sea urchin shells (?) and there are many of them on l’Ile aux Cerfs. It is also the sea star season and many get washed up on the beach. Did you know that if a sea star loose a leg, it well grow back!? I know the common name is starfish, but technically it is not a fish, but an echinoderm (same family as the sea urchin).

Finally it was time to get home again… but first we needed to find the cat that lives where  we take the boat. We found her, and she also got kittens – very cute. She likes cuddles, the kittens we couldn’t come close enough. And with the cat, we found a huge spider…. am not a spider fan! but thankfully spiders are not dangerous on the island.


Discover Mauritius-3



Posted by Julz

Hi! Hope you are enjoying my travel blog about Mauritius! I am a Danish Expat, mum of 2. Currently we live in Mauritius and we absolutely love it. I am taking you around this beautiful island and also other travels we enjoy!


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