Slowly, slowly my walking map of Rome is taking shape. I read and I map, then I read some more and have to add something on my map. sigh. How am I suppose to choose? Can I even choose? There are so many beautiful things to see, so much art and architecture to look at, so much to learn about before our trip. So many restaurant reviews to read. It’s overwhelming. I feel overwhelmed.

The Eternal City.

In 4 weeks, I will be packing the last things and heading to the airport for our Europe trip. 1st stop is chosen. Rome it is.

This is the only time when I actually make lists, otherwise I simply cannot not focus. Last time I was in Rome was 30 years ago and only for one night. I can still remember the Spanish steps and the Fountain of Trevi – I did throw I coin and made a wish. I remember the bus ride from the airport – so long in the dark, the living room of the suite at the hotel we stayed, it was enormous. The walk to the restaurant where we had dinner, I don’t actually remember what I ate though. I then I remember my dad asking the reception staff how much the taxi ride back to the airport would be. It’s funny what our brains choose to remember, what memories are stronger than others.

When I received my shipment a month or so ago, my mum had added lots of pictures including 2 albums she had made for me. Here are the 2 shots I have from our little transit stop. My parents on the Spanish Steps with Trinita dei Monti in the back.

Spanish Steps 1980's

My mum and I wishing, in front of the Fountain of Trevi.

Trevi Fountain, 1980's

Husband asked me why we were staying so long in Rome. So long is 6 nights. Now I see that as a blink – and I know it will go too fast and I will not have seen half of the things that I had planned and not eaten enough gelato, or had enough prosecco for that matter!

So here I am. Overwhelmed.

Lists of Churches, Palazzos, Roman monuments and other museums. Lists of restaurants, pizzerias and gelatarias.

Ah! the joy of planning the trip to the Eternal City.

An insider tip? The little thing you saw, the place you visited, the meal you ate while you were in Rome and you think that cannot be missed, please let me know.

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Posted by Julz

Hi! Hope you are enjoying my travel blog about Mauritius! I am a Danish Expat, mum of 2. Currently we live in Mauritius and we absolutely love it. I am taking you around this beautiful island and also other travels we enjoy!


  1. Fantastic post and beautifully expressed feelings (memories )!

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    1. Thank you very much!

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  2. Beautiful city, love to visit sometime!



    1. it is an amazing city!



  3. […] We walked back to our stop and hopped on the bus again after waiting a little bit. Thankfully the stop is in the shade! Just one stop, to stop 7 – hop off to walk to the Trevi Fountain – such a difference from last time I walked these streets on a cold February morning many many years ago: we were in transit in Rome on the way to the Ivory Coast with my parents – check out the picture! […]



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