FINAL UPDATE 4pm weather bulletin: Cyclone warning has been lifted in Mauritius. There is no more Cyclone Warning in force in Mauritius. Still be careful out there some areas are experiencing strong wind still.

UPDATE 10:23am – The latest cyclone warning has just been confirmed and Mauritius is STAYING in Class 3 Cyclone Warning. The storm is now located 15km out from Souillac so  in the South of the Island. More wind and heavy rain are expected this afternoon on Mauritius. You can read the full weather bulletin on the MetServices website here.

It seems Mauritius had an easy excape. If all goes well this is my last update on Tropical Storm BERGUITTA.

Mauritius still has a Class 3 Cyclone Warning in Force.

At 6am, I woke up. Not to pouring rain, nor to huge gusts of wind. I woke up to silence, well near silence – the birds were out again and singing. Even though the wind and the rain has picked up again since and the birds have gone in hiding – BERGUITTA should be closest to us as I write and we have been very lucky.

Image of storm BERGUITTA - 18jan2018 - Mauritius, Reunion Island

Image of storm BERGUITTA – 2018 copyright EUMETSAT 2018

The storm continued to loose intensity during the night as it didn’t have what it needed to keep going. The storm is passing now 10km close to Blue Bay in the south of the island, not far from the airport.

Mauritius is still in Class 3 cyclone warning. This means the airport is closed and people are still at home enjoying family time – driving is still not allowed to the general population. The Mauritius Met Services forecasts that we should still feel the storm for the next 10hours.

In the news this morning though there are reports of roads being closed, thousands of homes without electricity and there are reports coming in of villages being evacuated because of floods. - winds at 4am this morning

Reporting to work after the class 3 warning is over

MetServices might take the decision to lower the cyclone warning as the center of the storm is leaving the Mauritius. So should people get back to work? Well the decision should be taken at the next weather bulletin. The general rule is that if the Class 3  warning is removed before 11am, people have 2hours to get to work. Except I don’t see how that could function. Many here still depend on the bus system and that means that the bus drivers should start first. By the time people are at work well its time to go home again! Reading up on the matter I get the impression that many private institutions have their own rules anyways. Some say 10am, some 11am. So the best is to check with your employer!
UPDATE: CLASS 3 Warning still in Force in Mauritius at 10am – people will not be ask to report for duty today. 
They might change the warning to torrential rain and still keep people at home as well. Best keep updated via the media (radio and papers) as well as the Mauritius Meteorological Services.
It looks like normal life will resume tomorrow. Very happy about that! Kids are super bored, even the cat is bored, it has started to chase flies which is funny to look at and i am no big fan of rain… this month of January 2018 has brought my dose of wetness for a few months.
Winds are still strong this morning on the East Coast of Mauritius

BERGUITTA on our doorstep! this morning at 9am on the East Coast of Mauritius

You can read about my other posts about naughty BERGUITTA and other info on cyclones  in Mauritius on my blog:
Sources for this posts:,, Metservices Mauritius, EUMETSAT


Posted by Julz

Hi! Hope you are enjoying my travel blog about Mauritius! I am a Danish Expat, mum of 2. Currently we live in Mauritius and we absolutely love it. I am taking you around this beautiful island and also other travels we enjoy!


  1. Good to hear first-hand what is happening, thanks for your updates these past few days! I hope the damage is limited, the water subsides quickly and the beautiful island returns to normal.



    1. Welcome /) am glad the updates help! It has been a strange experience with all this build up. I guess we will know tomorrow how much damage there really is. Still a few hours to go and Berguitta will give us some space! Thanks for reading and your wishes!



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