May 2018 Update: Chez Marco will be closed for renovations from the 14th May to 25th June 2018. Popo Supermarket that is located on the Coastal Road not far, is moving next to restaurant and are doing a lot of works and sadly the restaurant is loosing the part where you sit with the feet in the sand…. So I will be back with news when it has re-opened. 

Finding good pizza so far from Italy is no easy task. I don’t mean ok pizza, but really good pizza: with the right dough, exact amount of cheese and great toppings! Well in Mauritius if you are in the north of Mauritius, you go to Trou-aux-Biches and you have your pizza at La Voglia Matta, also known as Chez Marco. The restaurant is located on the Coastal Road, is within walking distant from the beautiful beach and has a large car park.

La Voglia Matta, seen from the Road, serves the best pizza in Mauritius

La Voglia Matta

The restaurant is located in small courtyard, so it is still quiet even though on the main road. All the sitting is covered, the restaurant has a real beach feeling to it with recycled wooden furnitures and sand on the ground! Love it.

Sitting arrangement at La Voglia Matta in Trou aux Biches - best pizzeria in Mauritius

La Voglia Matta, sitting arrangement

The main of their menu is pizzas, obvious! They serve pizzas in 3 different sizes (baby, normal and family): the baby is great for kiddos, the normal size is already big – I dare to think what a family size is! They have all the traditional ones and special ones two: we shared an ‘explosive’: hot hot with chilli and spicy salami, it was very good! They also do a ‘Volcano’ version – as a Calzone and flambée with rum – something to try. We shared a salad and an anti-pasti – very good italian products. They also have a few pasta dishes on the menu – we will have to try one next time…

The service is absolutely fine for a small local restaurant. The waiters are fast and attentive…. and they even have a little cat family running around – surprisingly they don’t come close to the tables and much prefer to spend their time at the back of the restaurant. I guess they get a little something to keep them happy! The kiddos loved them of course and tried to get close to the kitten, but she wasn’t to impressed.

2 cats at Chez Marco Restaurant - Best Pizzeria in Trou aux Biches, Mauritius

Cats a La Voglia Matta

This is the perfect restaurant to come to (or have a take away) if you spend on the beach of Trou aux Beach. This is set to be one of our favourite restaurants when we are in the north of Mauritius.

You can read about the beach of Trou-aux-Biches and about things to do not far in my previous post: Things to do in Mauritius: Trou-aux-Biches beach.

Useful Information about Chez Marco

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday –
Lunch: 12pm to 2:30pm (we were there and the oven wasn’t quite warm yet, I have the impression they don’t actually start service till 12:30pm – but then there is always time for Aperrol Spritz or a cold beer!
Dinner: 6:30pm – 10pm – every time we have passed the restaurant in the evening the car park is always full, so booking is suggested.
Phone Number: 265 7091/5704 9784
Location: Coastal Road, Trou aux Biches – Just after Popo Supermarket if you come from the north.
Cost: a pizza is around Rs500, Antipasti Rs600. a glass of wine approx Rs200. – I cannot remember the exact prices but we paid a little under Rs2000 for lunch for 2 adults and 2 children.

If you are looking for other dining suggestions in Mauritius you can check out my Restaurants in Mauritius page.

Pin Picture for the Pizza Restaurant LA Voglia Matta in Trou aux Biches, Mauritius



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