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Vandalised again!

One more time the most well known tourist attraction of Copenhagen has been vandalised. Our poor, poor mermaid. Once in a while someone takes it out on her. The first time in  1964, she lost […]

This week in the Mauritian News, #8

Week 19 (start. May 7) Monday So much water here in the east. The rain is stopping slowly and we are starting to see the sun again (now and then at least). Here are a […]

This week in the Mauritian News, #7

Week 18 (start May 1st) Monday Trump is not the only to mark his 100th day as leader of a country. Our Prime minister’s day is coming up as well, on Wednesday. Today in the […]

This week in the Mauritian news, my pick 6

Back to routine, means also back to the news! I haven’t really read the newspapers while on our little break. I did of course though follow the French Presidential vote on Sunday. Let’s see what […]

This week in the Mauritian News, my pick 5

Week 15, (start 10th April) Monday Good news on the Air Mauritius front. New and old connections are seeing the light and that is good for everybody! Starting in April there are 2 flights a […]

This week in the Mauritian News, my pick 4

Week 14 (start 3rd April) Monday Well this is actually old news (all the way from Sunday!) but there is nothing I like in today’s news and this is important: Water shortage. Obviously when you […]

This week in the Mauritian News, my pick 3

Week 13 (start 27th March) Monday A page 9 in Le Défi Quotidien, telling us about the ‘black spots’ on the road. Traffic accidents are a big thing in Mauritius. In 2016 there were more […]

This week in the Mauritian News, my pick 2

Week 12 (Starting March 20th) A little note for this week numbering, that might seem foreign to most of you. In Denmark, everything is counted in weeks, instead of giving actually dates. So for example, […]

This week in the Mauritian News, my pick 1

Week 11 (starting march 13th) Monday The amazing story of the ‘new’ ID Card. Except it is not really new – just something that has been going on for ages. It was first introduced in […]