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Expat life: What I really miss!

A couple of months ago, a friend of my mother-in-law’s was leaving for the UK and she very kindly asked me if there was a little something she could bring back for me. I thought […]

The Eternal City – planning a visit to Rome

Slowly, slowly my walking map of Rome is taking shape. I read and I map, then I read some more and have to add something on my map. sigh. How am I suppose to choose? […]

Vandalised again!

One more time the most well known tourist attraction of Copenhagen has been vandalised. Our poor, poor mermaid. Once in a while someone takes it out on her. The first time in  1964, she lost […]


Sometimes life throws things at you and you get stuck, not being able to wish someone their birthday or being there to celebrate a special day.  Well, I have a very special person in my […]

Quote #1

“The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving – With passion and compassion and humour and style. And generosity and kindness”. Maya Angelou

A strange day

Pfff am not getting any thing done with my writing today. Probably because I have stuff on my mind and it isn’t going anywhere.  I have been trying to work on a post about a […]

This is also Mauritius #4

May 2017, Argy, Flacq, Mauritius All over the island you find shrines and small prayer places like this one  – most are Catholic or Hindu. I like them very much, I stop once in a […]

Recipe: Kammerjunkere, a small Danish cookie

I started off, full of willpower this morning, with a post on wildlife in Mauritius – a little bit like my exotic fruit posts – but it seems I was a bit too ambitious and […]

The great illusion by Luc Besson

You must have heard of Luc Besson. Great French film Director – producer of some, director of other fab movies like the Big Blue, Nikita, The Fifth Element or The Transporter – to name just […]

A walk down memory lane

My parents sold their house last year.  When I moved to the UK 10 years ago they got all my things. Things they could add to all the other stuff I had left behind when […]