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Our Final summer holiday itinerary

So there we are! Flights and hotels are booked, more important husband’s holidays are agreed to. Count down has begun: 23 days and a few hours and we should be on our way to the […]

The Eternal City – planning a visit to Rome

Slowly, slowly my walking map of Rome is taking shape. I read and I map, then I read some more and have to add something on my map. sigh. How am I suppose to choose? […]

Getaway to Reunion Island, Part 6: Volcano stories

The Piton de la Fournaise culminates at 2’632m. Such a big valcano brings many stories to such a little island. Probably the most well-known story is the one of the little parish church of Sainte Rose. […]

Pictures from the past: Stingrays

I am having one of these days where my brain doesn’t seem capable of finishing a thought properly. I have started to posts in the past 24 hours and after the first few lines I […]

Kiddos walking on the lava - on the way to the entrance of the Lava tunnel - Lava Tunnels in Reunion Island

Things to do in Reunion Island: Discover the lava tunnels of Le Piton de la Fournaise

Probably the most unusual part of our little adventure to Reunion Island: the lava tunnels! I am not going to go technical, mainly because I simply cannot remember what our guide told us, but basically […]

Quick Pizza dinner and some holiday planning!

I don’t usually indulge in processed food and really, I try to make everything from scratch. However, once in a while the kiddos are also allowed to eat what they want and have a little […]

View of Pointe August - Hike of Piton de Grand Anse with Kiddos 1 Things to do in Reunion Island #reunionisland #reunion #hike #nature #

Getaway to Reunion Island: Hike of Piton de Grande Anse

After the amazing waterfalls of Grand Galet and a little rest, Kiddos 1 and I decided it was time for a little walk! We chose a trail just next to the hotel, so we didn’t […]

Cascade de Grand Gallet, Riviere de Langevin, Reunion Island

Getaway to Reunion Island: Discover the Waterfall of Grand Galet at Langevin

After a very rainy day, we woke up happy to a radiant sunshine and decided to take a drive up the mountains to see the waterfall of Grand Galet, at Langevin. It was a very scenic […]

Lotus flowers and the sacred tooth of the Buddha

One of the blogs I follow is called Travelling around the World by Ester. I enjoy her photography a lot. A few days ago she posted a photograph of lotus flowers, a shot from Vietnam. Now lotus […]

Sunset views of Beach of Grand Anse, Reunion Island - Things to do in Reunion Island

Getaway to Reunion Island: Lunch chez Ti’Fred and sunset walk

We settled in at our lovely hotel and decided it was lunch time. Everyone from Mauritius loves the food from the sister island. These 2 islands are just 200km and yet the food is quite […]