A cake after school and Independence day

We are gearing up for Mauritius Independence Day on March 12th. There are flags everywhere, kiddos are practising ‘Glory to Thee’ – the national anthem. Since it is on Sunday, the schools around the island […]

Afternoon at the Beach

One of the great things about living in a place like Mauritius is obviously the outdoors. Mauritius is fab in that sense as there are a lot of different things to do: the beach is […]

Dark Mornings

There are a few things I don’t like in the morning. Like when my coffee has gone just that cold that it isn’t really enjoyable to drink anymore. It’s not cold cold, like an ice-coffee […]

Cyclone Enawo, update

According to Meteo France Reunion, Enawo, class 4 cyclone, has hit Madagascar. The winds blow at more than 250km/h – with gusts up to 290km/h. This is the worse cyclone to hit Madagascar in more […]

Week-end Trip to Cape Town, first night

My first night I stayed at the Sugar Hotel. It is located conveniently between the V&A Waterfront and the city centre. Hotels are quite expensive in Cape Town, and this hotel was very good value […]

Week-end pancakes (take 2)

Now that is weird… I prepared the post, scheduled it… and it posted blank? or the text disappeared somewhere, sometime in cyberspace. I have no clue. I can’t do anything but writing it again… But it is […]

Monday morning

We live in Belle Mare, on the East Coast. A couple of times a week I go for a swim at one of the nearby hotels, the Long Beach Resort and Spa. I like the […]

When the cyclone is not far

The sun is not always shining on our little paradise island. Enawo is far, but not that far: 800km North West. So, the weather is bad. It’s very wet, windy and sticky! I can barely […]

Week-end trip to Cape Town, part 1.

The thing I love the most about our lifestyle is that we get to travel a bit – not a lot, but probably more than the average. We get the opportunity to go new places […]

Enawo, the Cyclone

About a month ago Carlos was on the way south towards Mauritius and Reunion Island, but didn’t really form and stayed a tropical storm – it also stayed far enough away from us to really […]