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The Bazar in Port Louis: a exciting cultural experience

The central market in Port Louis: a must do in Mauritius

In this post I take you to discover the central Market in Port Louis. A must do if you spend a ‘touristy’ day in the Capital. Discover how the market works, street food and a few shopping tips!

This week in the Mauritian news, my pick 6

Back to routine, means also back to the news! I haven’t really read the newspapers while on our little break. I did of course though follow the French Presidential vote on Sunday. Let’s see what […]

Back home

It is always such a nice feeling to be back home. Home to our pets that were very missed by the kiddos. Don’t think you have met them yet… so here we are, a formal […]


We are leaving for Reunion Island in less than 36 hours and the house is not completely top notch yet! That’s not why I apologise, obviously and rightfully you don’t really care about the state […]

This week in the Mauritian News, my pick 5

Week 15, (start 10th April) Monday Good news on the Air Mauritius front. New and old connections are seeing the light and that is good for everybody! Starting in April there are 2 flights a […]

Proud mummy! and chocolate cake

As I said in my last post, we had teacher-parents meeting yesterday. I am very happy to have 2 quick and pretty clever kids – they are well balanced and do well in school. I […]

Something about me

I wasn’t really going to write today. I had my other post already to go and posted already, because I knew it was going to be a busy one, today; and it was. We left […]

The Bird in the sky

Living on the east coast comes with its fair share of wind. In the high of the summer it is very nice because even though it’s 32-34 degrees, the wind takes the edge of the […]

School run and the ‘un’-fortunate encounter

I spend quite a lot of time on the road for schoolrun everyday. Give or take a few minutes, 4 hours. And obviously anlot of things happen. Good things like being able to buy awesome […]

Sunday views

Belle Mare, Mauritius, March 2017 This is the view from our garden. Love it!