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Expat life: What I really miss!

A couple of months ago, a friend of my mother-in-law’s was leaving for the UK and she very kindly asked me if there was a little something she could bring back for me. I thought […]

Pictures from the past: Stingrays

I am having one of these days where my brain doesn’t seem capable of finishing a thought properly. I have started to posts in the past 24 hours and after the first few lines I […]


Sometimes life throws things at you and you get stuck, not being able to wish someone their birthday or being there to celebrate a special day.  Well, I have a very special person in my […]

Birthday week-end 2017, Belle Mare, Mauritius When your husband treats you to a luxury week-end away for the birthday! Stay tuned… 

Lotus flowers and the sacred tooth of the Buddha

One of the blogs I follow is called Travelling around the World by Ester. I enjoy her photography a lot. A few days ago she posted a photograph of lotus flowers, a shot from Vietnam. Now lotus […]

Beautiful cars

Like all (at least most) boys my kiddos 2 loves cars. When he saw the Porsche flag at the entrance of the Long Beach he wanted to have a look… He thought something special was […]

A treat

April 2014, North Ari Atoll, Maldives Did you know that Champagne tastes better on a yacht, watching the sunset? Living in the Maldives was quite an adventure. Would I do it again? Nah. The day […]

Friday morning coffee

With kids back to school, am back to my weekly routine. Friday for me means hanging around waiting for the morning to go by – the kids only have half day and finish at noon, […]

A walk down memory lane

My parents sold their house last year.  When I moved to the UK 10 years ago they got all my things. Things they could add to all the other stuff I had left behind when […]

Weekend trip to Cape Town, last day

Our last day in Cape Town, it’s amazing how fast it goes. We had plans to rent a car and go for a drive down the coast to Good Hope, but to be honest hubby […]