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Saffron cheesecake, Amari by Vineet, Lux Belle Mare, Mauritius

Amari by Vineet @ Lux Belle Mare

Last night was date night! Yay! Once a week the kiddos stay at their grand parents. I think I have said this before, seriously the greatest thing about us being in Mauritius, is the proximity […]

Recipe: Whole wheat banana muffins

Have you ever tried to bake muffins without eggs? or any other cakes for that matter? Well I nearly did today… and it was not one of my finest moments in the kitchen! I some […]

Recipe: Easy soft rolls

I thought this morning with mother’s day and all, it would be nice to have some fresh baked bread. As you might know, I like easy recipes and easy food and when I make I […]

Weekend trip to Cape Town, last day

Our last day in Cape Town, it’s amazing how fast it goes. We had plans to rent a car and go for a drive down the coast to Good Hope, but to be honest hubby […]

The gardens, the lunch at Domaine des Aubineaux

I have already posted about the magnificent colonial house at Domaine des Aubineaux. The gardens were just as beautiful, a real pleasure to walk around in. It kind of threw me back in time. Closing […]

Week-end trip to Cape Town, part 5

I left the historical Cape Town behind me and headed to the V&A Waterfront to finally find my husband. Now I had not decided to start blogging again yet, so I don’t really have any […]

Proud mummy! and chocolate cake

As I said in my last post, we had teacher-parents meeting yesterday. I am very happy to have 2 quick and pretty clever kids – they are well balanced and do well in school. I […]

Healthy eating: Roast pumpkin and quinoa salad

I already confessed to my desert addiction, in one of my posts about Cape Town. So I am always trying to put some balance and usually try to eat healthy, you know, so I can […]

Week-end Trip to Cape Town, Part 4

Just next to the St George’s Cathedral is the Slave Lodge. The foundations of the building date back to 1679, originally it was where the slaves were lodged by the Dutch East India Company during  130 […]

Exotic Fruit: meet the Jamblon

Jamblon, Java Plum, Jamun or Jamblang (Syzygium cumini) a few of the names for this strange little fruit. Looks like an olive, taste like – I don’t know actually what it tastes like exactly. It’s extremely tart, […]