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Quick Pizza dinner and some holiday planning!

I don’t usually indulge in processed food and really, I try to make everything from scratch. However, once in a while the kiddos are also allowed to eat what they want and have a little […]

Cascade de Grand Gallet, Riviere de Langevin, Reunion Island

Getaway to Reunion Island: Discover the Waterfall of Grand Galet at Langevin

After a very rainy day, we woke up happy to a radiant sunshine and decided to take a drive up the mountains to see the waterfall of Grand Galet, at Langevin. It was a very scenic […]

Mother day’s lunch

It wasn’t technically mother’s day yesterday here in Mauritius. The big thing is happening on 28 May. But one of the advantages of the expat life is definitely several mother days! Haha… well nearly because […]

Recipe: Easy soft rolls

I thought this morning with mother’s day and all, it would be nice to have some fresh baked bread. As you might know, I like easy recipes and easy food and when I make I […]

Recipe: Kammerjunkere, a small Danish cookie

I started off, full of willpower this morning, with a post on wildlife in Mauritius – a little bit like my exotic fruit posts – but it seems I was a bit too ambitious and […]

Beans, Reunion Island style

Any creole meal in Reunion Island comes with beans. No exception. It’s called “un grain”. I actually enjoy it, the sauce is a bit thick a goes nicely with rice, the other thing you always […]

Another month and a crepe for lunch

Another month is starting and on the little island it seems that winter has taken over early. 3rd day of gloom, with heavy rains, winds and angry ocean. It is also the last day of school […]

Zorba the Greek

Before leaving for Reunion Island I met up with a few friends for a girly lunch. We met at Zorba’s Resto in Grand Baie. The restaurant is in the city, just next to the Police Station. […]

Proud mummy! and chocolate cake

As I said in my last post, we had teacher-parents meeting yesterday. I am very happy to have 2 quick and pretty clever kids – they are well balanced and do well in school. I […]

Lunch @ Indigo, Belle Mare Plage

Another hotel located not far from our house is the Belle Mare Plage, run by the Mauritian company Constance Hotels and Resorts. It has always been one of my favourite hotels on the island. I […]