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The little girl 

November 2011, beach of Tombeau Bay, Mauritius 

Ile aux Cerfs

One of the nice things about living on the east coast, is the easy access to l’Ile aux Cerfs. It is one of these iconic Mauritian places. It is located a 10 minute boat ride […]

Hindu Temple in Mauritius. Sagar Shiv Mandir in Poste de Flacq

Hindu Temple in Mauritius: Sagar Shiv Mandir

In our small town, hidden at the end of a road, after the school and the football pitch, the playground and a guy who collects scrap metal, over a small bridge, you will find a […]

On the beach 

Mai 2017, Plage du Lux Belle Mare, Belle Mare, Mauritius I met up with a friend on the beach yesterday after I picked the kids up from school. We stayed a bit late, and got […]

Sunday sunset walk

The sun is setting on yet another week end, I just don’t understand why time has to go so fast! May 2017, Belle Mare Beach, Belle Mare, Mauritius 

Will it ever stop? 

This morning there was hope. This morning I even saw a tiny bit of sun, playing hide and seek behind the clouds. This morning I thought “yay!”, finally it’s over. But no. It started raining […]

Forgotten beach toy

Pointe aux Cannoniers, Mauritius, April 2017

Ugadi – The Spring Festival

Today is a public holiday on our small island. We have quite a few of these: 15, to be exact. I think after the independence it was all up to 31. Obviously, you can hardly […]

School run and the ‘un’-fortunate encounter

I spend quite a lot of time on the road for schoolrun everyday. Give or take a few minutes, 4 hours. And obviously anlot of things happen. Good things like being able to buy awesome […]

Sunday views

Belle Mare, Mauritius, March 2017 This is the view from our garden. Love it!