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BERGUITTA is passing Mauritius as I write and we have had an easy outcome!

Cyclone BERGUITTA – last update

FINAL UPDATE 4pm weather bulletin: Cyclone warning has been lifted in Mauritius. There is no more Cyclone Warning in force in Mauritius. Still be careful out there some areas are experiencing strong wind still. UPDATE […]

Cyclone BERGUITTA – Update 2.0

UPDATE – 10:30am weather bulletin by Meteo France – BERGUITTA has just been downgraded to Intense Tropical Storm. Mauritius Met Services keep it as Tropical Cyclone. This means the system is weakening and this is […]

Cyclone BERGUITTA – update 1.0

Update: Mauritius will be in Class 3 cyclone warning tomorrow morning wednesday 17jan2018 at 4am. The wind has been significantly picking up these last past hours on the East Coast of Mauritius. It was confirmed […]

Berguitta became a cyclone this morning a 0530UTC -

Top Things to know about cyclones in Mauritius

With the severe tropical storm/future cyclone BERGUITTA on the way, I thought I would write a bit about the warning system and generally about life on tropical islands when we have a beast one the […]

News from Mauritius: Holidays, New Year and Cyclones

2 months of holidays come to an end and the kiddos are preparing their bags for tomorrow – back to school, year 4 and year 2 here we come! Also means mummy here gets back […]

This week in the Mauritian News, my pick 5

Week 15, (start 10th April) Monday Good news on the Air Mauritius front. New and old connections are seeing the light and that is good for everybody! Starting in April there are 2 flights a […]

This week in the Mauritian News, my pick 4

Week 14 (start 3rd April) Monday Well this is actually old news (all the way from Sunday!) but there is nothing I like in today’s news and this is important: Water shortage. Obviously when you […]

This week in the Mauritian News, my pick 3

Week 13 (start 27th March) Monday A page 9 in Le Défi Quotidien, telling us about the ‘black spots’ on the road. Traffic accidents are a big thing in Mauritius. In 2016 there were more […]

This week in the Mauritian News, my pick 2

Week 12 (Starting March 20th) A little note for this week numbering, that might seem foreign to most of you. In Denmark, everything is counted in weeks, instead of giving actually dates. So for example, […]

This week in the Mauritian News, my pick 1

Week 11 (starting march 13th) Monday The amazing story of the ‘new’ ID Card. Except it is not really new – just something that has been going on for ages. It was first introduced in […]