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The Broken Bench

This is also Mauritius #6

A few months back driving back home after school Kiddos 2 suddenly shouted ‘look mammy the red helicopter’. Except it wasn’t a helicopter, but a cute little red temple at the top of a little […]

Sugar cane field in flower

Sugar Cane Field

The sugar cane began to flower a few weeks ago and thus the harvesting has started. The harvest will take till end of November/Beginning of December. Now I have been thinking a lot about where […]

This is also Mauritius #5: The Little Chapel

For months I have seen this little sign on the road that say ‘Chapelle Ste Jeanne d’Arc, 200m’. And today I finally took my time and stopped. Really nothing special, but a small quiet place, […]

Cascade de Grand Gallet, Riviere de Langevin, Reunion Island

Getaway to Reunion Island: Discover the Waterfall of Grand Galet at Langevin

After a very rainy day, we woke up happy to a radiant sunshine and decided to take a drive up the mountains to see the waterfall of Grand Galet, at Langevin. It was a very scenic […]

The little girl 

November 2011, beach of Tombeau Bay, Mauritius 

Le Pouce – first try.

For #MauritiusIndependenceDay, celebrated this Sunday (March, 12th) we had planned with a few friends to climb le Pouce (the Thumb) with our kids. Everything was ready for the big day, snacks, cameras, one large Mauritian […]

Infinity blues.

It’s amazing how the weather changes in Mauritius – that’s island life for you! Yesterday we wanted to go hiking with some friends but it was so wet that we had to stop – simply […]

Week-end trip to Cape Town, Part 2

Younger, I would just wake up when I had slept enough. But now, since I became an adult (kids, responsibilities – the real stuff) I wake up when I am used to. In creole they […]

Afternoon at the Beach

One of the great things about living in a place like Mauritius is obviously the outdoors. Mauritius is fab in that sense as there are a lot of different things to do: the beach is […]