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Ganga Talao in Mauritius - largest Hindu pilgrimage site in Mauritius #mauritius

Things to do in Mauritius: Visit Ganga Talao

It is said that a long long time ago, the Almighty God Shiva was circling over earth with his wife Parvati and the Ganga River balancing on his head. Shiva noticed a beautiful island and […]

St Louis Cathedral, Port Louis, Mauritius

The Slave Door

La Cure, is the place where the priests and other helpers of the church have their offices. In Port Louis, La Cure, is located right opposite the St Louis Cathedral. The building is colonial style […]

Discover Mauritius: Visit the Chinese Pagodas in Port Louis

Chinese Heritage in Mauritius – A visit to the Pagodas of Port Louis

I don’t often go to Port Louis – well not unless I really need to! That is how most people in Mauritius feel about the capital I think. It’s big, hot and sticky, noisy with […]

Getaway to Reunion Island, Part 6: Volcano stories

The Piton de la Fournaise culminates at 2’632m. Such a big valcano brings many stories to such a little island. Probably the most well-known story is the one of the little parish church of Sainte Rose. […]

Lotus flowers and the sacred tooth of the Buddha

One of the blogs I follow is called Travelling around the World by Ester. I enjoy her photography a lot. A few days ago she posted a photograph of lotus flowers, a shot from Vietnam. Now lotus […]

This is also Mauritius #4

May 2017, Argy, Flacq, Mauritius All over the island you find shrines and small prayer places like this one  – most are Catholic or Hindu. I like them very much, I stop once in a […]

Visit Bo Kaap, Cape Town

Week-end Trip to Cape Town, Part 4 – la suite

For my last few hours alone, before meeting up with my other half, I decided to join a walking tour to discover Bo Kaap. There are free walking tours in Cape Town, they depart from […]

Ugadi – The Spring Festival

Today is a public holiday on our small island. We have quite a few of these: 15, to be exact. I think after the independence it was all up to 31. Obviously, you can hardly […]

Wonderful lady!

With my husband’s job, we get to live in a very nice house on the east coast. I don’t have direct sunrise, but my views are stunning, the house is awesome. With the very nice […]