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Cyclone BERGUITTA – Update 2.0

UPDATE – 10:30am weather bulletin by Meteo France – BERGUITTA has just been downgraded to Intense Tropical Storm. Mauritius Met Services keep it as Tropical Cyclone. This means the system is weakening and this is […]

Cyclone BERGUITTA – update 1.0

Update: Mauritius will be in Class 3 cyclone warning tomorrow morning wednesday 17jan2018 at 4am. The wind has been significantly picking up these last past hours on the East Coast of Mauritius. It was confirmed […]

News from Mauritius: Holidays, New Year and Cyclones

2 months of holidays come to an end and the kiddos are preparing their bags for tomorrow – back to school, year 4 and year 2 here we come! Also means mummy here gets back […]

Getaway to Reunion Island, Part 6: Volcano stories

The Piton de la Fournaise culminates at 2’632m. Such a big valcano brings many stories to such a little island. Probably the most well-known story is the one of the little parish church of Sainte Rose. […]

Sunset views of Beach of Grand Anse, Reunion Island - Things to do in Reunion Island

Getaway to Reunion Island: Lunch chez Ti’Fred and sunset walk

We settled in at our lovely hotel and decided it was lunch time. Everyone from Mauritius loves the food from the sister island. These 2 islands are just 200km and yet the food is quite […]

Exotic fruit: meet the kaffir lime… and what’s hidden behind the name

So not at all a native species to Mauritius, but we are just back from Reunion Island where it is widely used. I am lucky enough to live in a house, where about 15 years ago there […]

Coffee Mug 

April 2017, Grande Anse, Reunion Island  The coffee mug is empty and it is time to fly home. Such a glorious view. Thanks for this time, Reunion Island. We will be back.


April 2017, Le Cap Méchant, Saint Phillipe, Réunion Island  Our little trip comes to an end, we are flying back home tomorrow! It’s gone so fast. There is so much to do here. The nature […]

How to choose? 

Entrance of Lava flow Tunnel from the 2004 eruption, RN2, Reunion Island We are doing so many awesome things, I can’t choose what picture to show off!! Today we went on a proper adventure: the […]