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Exotic fruit: meet the kaffir lime… and what’s hidden behind the name

So not at all a native species to Mauritius, but we are just back from Reunion Island where it is widely used. I am lucky enough to live in a house, where about 15 years ago there […]

Weekend trip to Cape Town, last day

Our last day in Cape Town, it’s amazing how fast it goes. We had plans to rent a car and go for a drive down the coast to Good Hope, but to be honest hubby […]

Week-end trip to Cape Town, part 5

I left the historical Cape Town behind me and headed to the V&A Waterfront to finally find my husband. Now I had not decided to start blogging again yet, so I don’t really have any […]

Visit Bo Kaap, Cape Town

Week-end Trip to Cape Town, Part 4 – la suite

For my last few hours alone, before meeting up with my other half, I decided to join a walking tour to discover Bo Kaap. There are free walking tours in Cape Town, they depart from […]

Week-end Trip to Cape Town, Part 4

Just next to the St George’s Cathedral is the Slave Lodge. The foundations of the building date back to 1679, originally it was where the slaves were lodged by the Dutch East India Company during  130 […]

Week-end trip to Cape Town, Part 3

From the District 6 museum I made my way back in towards the centre of the city. I really enjoyed my time in Cape Town and things have changed, I believe, for the better over […]

Week-end trip to Cape Town, Part 2

Younger, I would just wake up when I had slept enough. But now, since I became an adult (kids, responsibilities – the real stuff) I wake up when I am used to. In creole they […]

Week-end Trip to Cape Town, first night

My first night I stayed at the Sugar Hotel. It is located conveniently between the V&A Waterfront and the city centre. Hotels are quite expensive in Cape Town, and this hotel was very good value […]

Week-end trip to Cape Town, part 1.

The thing I love the most about our lifestyle is that we get to travel a bit – not a lot, but probably more than the average. We get the opportunity to go new places […]