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This week in the Mauritian News, #8

Week 19 (start. May 7) Monday So much water here in the east. The rain is stopping slowly and we are starting to see the sun again (now and then at least). Here are a […]

The Bird in the sky

Living on the east coast comes with its fair share of wind. In the high of the summer it is very nice because even though it’s 32-34 degrees, the wind takes the edge of the […]

Infinity blues.

It’s amazing how the weather changes in Mauritius – that’s island life for you! Yesterday we wanted to go hiking with some friends but it was so wet that we had to stop – simply […]

Cyclone Enawo, update

According to Meteo France Reunion, Enawo, class 4 cyclone, has hit Madagascar. The winds blow at more than 250km/h – with gusts up to 290km/h. This is the worse cyclone to hit Madagascar in more […]

When the cyclone is not far

The sun is not always shining on our little paradise island. Enawo is far, but not that far: 800km North West. So, the weather is bad. It’s very wet, windy and sticky! I can barely […]

Enawo, the Cyclone

About a month ago Carlos was on the way south towards Mauritius and Reunion Island, but didn’t really form and stayed a tropical storm – it also stayed far enough away from us to really […]